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Asbestos Surveys London

Asbestos is a lethal material found in many buildings, particularly those built before the year 2000. Unfortunately, unless you conduct an asbestos survey, it is extremely difficult to detect and identify.

Asbestos surveys are critical for identifying potential asbestos risks and ensuring the health and safety of people living or working in a building.

We cover all of south, east, west and north London and the surrounding areas.

Why are Asbestos Surveys Important?

Asbestos is a major health risk, and it is critical that all traces of it are tested at your London property.

Asbestos 365 provides a comprehensive service for asbestos surveying and testing in residential and commercial properties, as well as garages, in all areas of London.

Our skilled team employs cutting-edge methods and techniques to ensure that all potential asbestos sources are thoroughly tested.

We will take great care to consult with you throughout the process so that you are aware of any potential health risks.

Our team is fully trained and up to date on current health and safety regulations, so you can be confident that your property will be tested and surveyed thoroughly.

If you require assistance with the testing of any potential asbestos-containing materials in any type of property in the London area, please get in touch.

What Our Asbestos Surveys Include

It’s simple to determine the type of survey you require for your property in London; simply call Asbestos 365 at 01923 911 013 for assistance.

Asbestos surveys typically include testing of all relevant materials to detect the presence of any Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). It is not always necessary, however, to conduct a full asbestos survey at the given London location.

If your premises has already had an asbestos survey, or if you are only working on one area, it may be preferable to arrange for Asbestos 365 to take a rapid bulk sample.

Below, you will find the various types of asbestos surveys and related solutions that we provide to domestic and commercial clients in the London area.

What Areas of London Do You Cover?

We can cover the following areas as well as many other parts of London:

asbestos surveys london

  • Highgate
  • Finsbury Park
  • Muswell Hill
  • Finchley
  • Southgate
  • Edmonton
  • Barnet
  • Brent
  • Camden
  • Ealing
  • Harrow
  • Hillingdon
  • Islington
  • Aldgate
  • Bow
  • Colindale
  • Kingston upon Thames
  • Wimbledon
  • Sutton
  • Croydon
  • Epsom
  • Bromley
  • Bexleyheath
  • Greenwich
  • Lambeth
  • Lewisham
  • Merton
  • Richmond
  • Southwark
  • Wandsworth



Types of Asbestos Surveys

asbestos management surveys

Management Or Pre-purchase Asbestos Surveys

Management and pre-purchase surveys are where we get most of our trade when it comes to asbestos surveying – they are the standard surveys we recommend for peace of mind when purchasing a property. Their purpose is to locate, as far as is practically possible, the presence and extent of asbestos.

The intrusiveness of these surveys varies depending on the type of property and the level of disruption that is reasonably practicable for that premises. The survey includes sampling and analysis to confirm the presence of ACMs. The assessment can also be done by assuming the presence or absence of asbestos.

When we finish your survey, you'll receive a report detailing everything we discovered within the building. This will also include a risk assessment of the ACMs' condition (if discovered) and their ability to release fibres into the air if disturbed.

asbestos demolition survey service

Refurbishment Or Demolition Asbestos Survey

If you suspect your property in London contains asbestos, you should consider a refurbishment or demolition survey. Before any planned works can begin, refurbishment and demolition surveys are used to determine the presence of ACMs.

Unlike a management or pre-purchase survey, this type of survey is completely intrusive and disruptive. It may even imply that the entire building's structure must be penetrated. This means that these surveys should only be carried out in unoccupied areas; we must ensure that no employees or members of the public are jeopardised.

If only minor refurbishment is required, only one room, or part of a room, may be included in the survey, but care will be taken to ensure that this area is completely isolated from the rest of the building. Before people can move back in, the surveyed area must be fit for reoccupation.

asbestos testing

Asbestos Testing & Bulk Analysis

Want to save time and money when dealing with asbestos? Choose bulk testing and analysis for your London property. These are ideal for determining whether one of your property's products contains asbestos.

Rather than an invasive survey, samples are collected in an accredited laboratory by a team of experts in a controlled and safe environment. Following completion, sample points will be safely encapsulated and labelled with a location sticker, as appropriate. Using industry-leading techniques, bulk samples are examined for the presence and type of asbestos.

Our well-established and vastly experienced UKAS accredited laboratory can provide a quick service with results available within 24 hours.

asbestos reinspection surveys

Reinspection Asbestos Survey

A reinspection survey is the final type of survey we provide in the London area. This type of survey is especially useful if you're looking for a long-term asbestos management solution or if you've previously had asbestos on your property.

Regular reinspection surveys are ideal for staying on top of the asbestos threat, especially if they were recommended as part of an Asbestos Management Plan. They can be completed at regular intervals to check your London property for any identified or suspected ACMs.

What qualifies us to undertake your asbestos survey in the London area?

With more than three decades worth of combined experience in the asbestos industry, we’re more than qualified to undertake asbestos work on your London site. Our team consists of P402 qualified surveyors who are highly professional and experienced in all types of premises, from residential to commercial and beyond.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t use any external subcontractors, ensuring the quality of our work remains an exceptional standard. Your work will be completed in-house and by our local team, meaning the quality stays at the Asbestos 365 high standard.

Our customer service team is efficient and friendly, striving to offer customers the very best in the business. You’ll be assigned a member of staff to assist you from the quotation stage to the survey itself, all the way through to aftercare and next steps.

We know that asbestos testing often needs to be rapid to ensure your project stays on track, whether that’s to make sure your rental property remains compliant or your house purchase completes on time, so we guarantee a quick response to any enquiries.

Why Choose Asbestos 365?

We’re based in Borehamwood, which is just a short drive from North London – perfect for making sure your asbestos needs are catered to. We’re a fast-growing company and are proud to now be serving all areas of London, alongside Stevenage, Luton, and Watford.

North London is a thriving area, with a lot of properties that may contain asbestos materials.

The property market is thriving at the moment, whether that’s due to first time buyers or the refurbishment of commercial businesses, so it’s all the more important to get your asbestos check sorted with Asbestos 365. Find out here what our asbestos survey includes and the different types of survey we offer.

Independent Company

An independent asbestos surveying company offering various services.


We have over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the industry.


Our team consists of fully qualified P402 surveyors.

Efficient & Custom Services

Efficient one to one service striving to offer the very best in customer service and quality reports.

Do you suspect asbestos is present on your property?

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