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Commercial Asbestos Surveys

We work with commercial properties in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, London & surrounding areas.

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commercial asbestos survey by Asbestos 365

Why are commercial asbestos surveys important?

With the potentially extremely serious dangers of asbestos for health by now being very well-documented, your organisation must also take extremely seriously its responsibility to manage any asbestos risk on its premises in a safe manner.

In such a specialised field as asbestos, it couldn’t be more important to have the right commercial and domestic surveyors by your business’s side, providing the advice and support needed to help ensure you fulfill your moral and regulatory duties.

That’s where we come in here at Asbestos 365, with our proven asbestos services for a broad range of commercial, domestic & residential clients in Hertfordshire, London, and elsewhere in the UK.

Why Choose Asbestos 365?

Independent Company

An independent asbestos surveying company offering various services.


We have over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the industry.


Our team consists of fully qualified P402 surveyors.

Efficient & Custom Services

Efficient one to one service striving to offer the very best in customer service and quality reports.

Our credentials as asbestos surveyors are remarkable. You might be initially drawn to us by the affordability of our prices, and indeed, we refuse to be beaten on price.

However, you will be equally assured of quality across every aspect of our service. That will include the benefits of the 35 years’ combined experience of our fully qualified P402 surveyors, as well as efficiency; we are pleased to offer report turnaround within 24 hours.

Our Process

It is a straightforward, step-by-step process to take advantage of our commercial asbestos survey in London:

With our asbestos surveying services for commercial buildings, for instance, being priced from as little as £100, you might be surprised by the excellent value for money we offer when you ask for a quote from us. Give us a call now, on 01923 911 013; please note that the exact price we quote will likely depend on such factors as the type, age, and size of your buildings where you suspect asbestos might be present.

We provide various types of asbestos survey to commercial clients, and it might not be the case that your own organisation requires a full asbestos survey at its premises; the situation will depend on your specific circumstances.  

It isn’t only the asbestos survey itself that plays a central role in our service. For example, we can also take a quick bulk sample and test this for the presence and type of asbestos, if a full asbestos check for your broader premises is not judged to be necessary. Our reporting capabilities, too, are formidable; we produce our reports using bespoke software, and these are methodical and easy to read, to help you in planning your next steps following the asbestos survey.

We Provide Asbestos Surveys For Various Property Types

Almost irrespective of the type of property for which you are responsible, we will be able to provide highly regarded and tailored commercial asbestos services.

Are you in charge of offices in Hertfordshire, a retail unit in London, or any of a broad range of residential or commercial premises elsewhere in the south of England or beyond? Regardless, you are welcome to reach out to our asbestos professionals today by calling 01923 911 013.

Our Services

The asbestos surveys we can carry out for you. Feel free to ask how any of the following types of asbestos survey from Asbestos 365 could benefit your organisation, and to arrange one or more of these services:

asbestos management

Management & Pre-purchase Surveys

The most frequently carried-out type of asbestos survey, and help to locate and identify asbestos on a given premises without causing damage to the building

asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys

Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys

This survey provides an intrusive way to determine if, and where, asbestos may be present in a given building. This type of asbestos survey is typically undertaken before major work, such as demolition or refurbishment, is carried out at the site

Asbestos Testing & Bulk Analysis

Testing and bulk analysis

Focussing on the testing of specific materials via a sample, instead of surveying an entire building. This service is often requested by commercial clients who suspect that a particular item on their premises might contain asbestos

asbestos reinspection

Reinspection Surveys

A attractive and relevant option for many commercial clients that have already previously had an asbestos survey carried out in the building of concern. Reinspection surveys can represent a strong ‘follow-up’ to the initial survey, helping to uncover any asbestos risks that might have changed since the last asbestos survey was carried out at the site

Client Testimonials

“Fantastic, professional service with a quick turnaround. Andrew is a great guy and really easy to work with.”
“Asbestos365 have great service and work very efficiently. At our company we manage a large amount of properties that need asbestos surveys completed in a tight deadline Asbestos365 always deliver! Andrew is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.”
“Very pleased and would recommend - Andrew was great to deal with, quick and responsive, and gave us reassurance following building survey. He engaged directly with estate agents and seller to arrange date and time for visit and provided a very thorough report.”
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Do you suspect asbestos is present on your Commercial property?

We can be onsite within hours with an interim recommendation of what type of asbestos survey is required and what course of action might need to be taken.

CONTACT US NOW if you suspect the presence of asbestos on your property

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