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Do you need materials testing for asbestos?

Do you need materials sampling for asbestos?

Our experienced surveyors can carry out an asbestos testing service on suspected materials, this is more effective if you have suspicions of individual items containing asbestos rather than requiring a full survey.

If you need materials, or an item, testing for asbestos, you can be assured that all testing is carried out in accordance with HSE Guidance Notes HSG 248 and HSG264, and our in-house procedures.

Samples are taken in a safe and controlled manner, minimising the risk of inadvertent fibre release. Sample points will be safely encapsulated on completion and marked with a location sticker where appropriate.

Bulk samples are examined for the presence and type of asbestos using industry-leading techniques. Our well established and vastly experienced UKAS accredited laboratory is able to offer a fast service with 24hrs turnaround on results.

Testing for Asbestos FAQs

If you need to test for asbestos in your property, it is important that you only use a professional who is registered and qualified with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The HSE run the Asbestos Register of Approved Contractors (ARAC) which registers people in the UK who are approved to carry out surveys, testing, assessments and removal of asbestos-containing materials.

It is essential that all work involving asbestos follows strict procedures, so it is best to use an experienced professional who knows how to safely manage the material.

If your samples have asbestos, we provide guidance in the form of surveys and air monitoring. Feel free to contact us impartial advice from our industry experts.

It is essential to have a qualified professional take on responsibilities such as testing for asbestos, due to its potential health risks.

Other reasons for not testing for asbestos using a kit yourself include:

  1. Asbestos home-testing kits usually have basic equipment. For those without experience with asbestos testing, it can be difficult to take accurate samples. It might be tough to be sure that the samples sent off for laboratory analysis accurately represent your property’s material. If a layperson is doing the actual analysis, accuracy may be harder to guarantee.
  2. It can be difficult to identify microscopic asbestos fibres, especially if they are intermingled with other materials; this is often the case.
  3. If you believe that you or your workplace is exposed to asbestos, it is important to take appropriate measures as the health risks associated with asbestos exposure can be severe and even fatal. Asbestos related diseases include asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.
  4. DIY testing kits may not provide the most effective protection against the inhalation of airborne asbestos-related fibers. If breathed in, the fibers can become lodged in the body and cause health issues over time.
  5. Carrying out DIY asbestos tests can disturb and spread the fibers, leading to potential health risks for occupants, visitors or workers in the property. Therefore, it is advised to hire a professional service to test and ensure safety regarding asbestos after any disturbance.
  6. Are you confident in your ability to efficiently seal the areas where samples have been tested so no fibres are able to spread onto furniture, clothes or other items?

Do you suspect asbestos is present on your property?

We can be onsite within hours with an interim recommendation of what type of asbestos survey is required and what course of action might need to be taken.

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