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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural silicate mineral composed of long and thin fibrous crystals which was used extensively as a construction material throughout much of the world.

Asbestos heat resistant properties and natural ability as an electrical insulator means it has been used in the building and insulation of many modern structures.

However, all asbestos types were discontinued in 1999 because of the substances association with dangerous lung disorders. 

What is asbestos

Why you need to be aware of asbestos

While the risk of contracting an asbestos-based lung disorder is relatively low if the material is left undisturbed, in the 22 years since the substance was banned, many of the buildings with asbestos remaining are beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

The structural weakening of these buildings means it is now more essential than ever for property owners to begin the assessment of asbestos contaminant risk within their facilities.

Failure to carry out sufficient asbestos surveys can put the residents, employees and regular visitors of a building at significant risk.

This is exactly why more and more property owners are having asbestos sampling and surveying carried out, a preventative step that helps eliminate the risks that ageing buildings play in the United Kingdom.

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Asbestos and lung cancer

While asbestos is not necessarily dangerous when left alone, it releases a cloud of fine dust if damaged or disturbed.

If this dust is breathed in over a long period, it causes significant lung damage and debilitating diseases like Asbestosis and lung cancer.

Asbestos comes in a variety of different types and colours, making it difficult to distinguish for the untrained.

This is the primary reason why many homeowners need specialist asbestos surveys carried out, providing expert advice on the possibility of asbestos-containing materials and how best to control the risk.

The process of carrying out asbestos surveys

The process of carrying out asbestos surveys

Asbestos testing is a process carried out by trained specialists who perform a detailed inspection of your property, allowing you to understand the full scale and risks of possible asbestos-containing materials in your property,

Asbestos management surveys are used to locate and classify the presence, extent and condition of any asbestos within your property.

Proper asbestos sampling gives you the ability to understand the risks posed by any asbestos within your property, as it will help clarify the type and its conditions. 

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What is asbestos and the risks that it has on your health?

The risks that asbestos has on people’s health means that countless property owners are choosing to have asbestos surveys and sampling carried out.

Having one of the expert specialists at Asbestos365 survey your property allows you to develop a complete picture of the steps you must take to eliminate your risks of asbestos exposure.

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